Hey gang,

I'm so excited to show you the cover of SPRING WARRIOR, book 2 of The Wyth Courts series.


The Wyth Courts
Book 2

Release date: Dec/4/2019

He thought all was lost ... until he found her. 

Civil war sliced through the Spring Court, leaving the royal family assassinated and General Ashton imprisoned. Torturous years later, Ash finally escapes and embarks on a mission to complete the last order he was given by the late King—to locate his lost princess. 

In a small flower shop, living a rather mundane existence, he finds a rare beauty named Hazel—who happens to be the rightful heir to the throne. It falls to Ash to convince her to accompany him back to the Spring Court and challenge the faux king for the crown.

Hazel’s only chance at survival is to stay close to the chiseled warrior’s side, even as they reignite the flames of war. Can Ash help her tap into the strength of her royal blood and awaken the queen within before the faux king tears them, and what’s left of their kingdom, apart?

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--JS Dark